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North American Surrogacy Center
Isolina Pendergast - Program Director.
Coordinates all legal, financial and medical aspects of the program. Serves as the liaison between surrogates and intended parents.

Robert E. Pendergast, Esquire - Chief Legal Counsel.
Lead Counsel for North American Surrogacy Center

Christina Varrasso - Financial Administrator.

Manages the financial aspects of the surrogacy cases. Christina performs all levels of administration regarding account transactions and management.

Michelle A.Keeyes, Esq.
Michelle is lead counsel for National Fertility Law Center, Inc. which was founded by Willard K. Halm and Thomas M. Pinkerton, attorneys who have specialized exclusively in assisted reproduction and family formation law for over a decade.

Dr. Richard W. Hanson, Ph.D
Dr. Hanson is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a forte and interest in providing psychological assessments, personal counseling and life coaching for potential egg donors, surrogates, and intended parents.

After graduating with his doctorate degree from the California School of Professional Psychology - Fresno Campus in 1981, he has dedicated over twenty years of his professional career as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist to working with families. In addition, he brings to the area of Assisted Reproduction Psychology, his own experience as a proud new parent who utilized a surrogate.

Because of his personal understanding of the expectations and the often urgent nature of the assessment process for those involved in being egg donors, surrogates, or intended parents, his office will strive to accommodate any special needs in a highly timely manner. Psychological assessment or personal counseling services are always available to accommodate busy family and work schedules.

Although when possible personal counseling and psychological assessments can be scheduled in his Florida offices, many individuals may find that it is more convenient to arrange for these services to be provided over the telephone.

Tyler Medical Clinic

Sperm Banking Facility. Contact person Rick Cohn.

Alpha Cord
Cord blood banking Facility. Contact person Rick Cohn.

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Surrogate Moms on Line ( Support Group site )
North American Surrogacy Center North American Surrogacy Center