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Understanding the Process
North American Surrogacy Center
Upon contacting North-American Surrogacy Center, our program director, Isolina Pendergast, will contact you to discuss which program is best suited for you based on your medical, legal and financial needs. Once clients have decided to engage our services an agreement will be drafted retaining North American to represent them in their surrogacy journey.

Once the agreements are signed the intended parents are required to complete and return parent profiles, retainer agreements, and medical and criminal release forms. When the information is received the intended parents will again be interviewed by the program director to ascertain what specific characteristics the intended parents desire in a potential surrogate.

Based on the information obtained, the center and its staff will begin the matching process and prospective surrogate profiles will be presented to the intended parents for review.

When a match is achieved both intended parent (s) and surrogate have the opportunity to speak and meet. It is at this point that the intended parent (s) will begin their medical screening.

Signing of the contracts

Upon agreement of the parties to work together, they will then be directed to our legal staff who will begin to draft the contract. If all parties agree to the terms set forth in the contract they will be signed and copies sent to North American. Once the contract has been executed the surrogate will begin medical and psychological evaluations.

Fertility Process

Following the successful screening of the surrogate, she will then begin the fertility procedures in accordance with the surrogacy agreement. In cases of artificial insemination we recommend the surrogate undergo a minimum of six attempts and in cases of IVF we suggest three.

At North American we work to ensure that you are receiving the best care and service. Attention to every detail ensures that our surrogates and intended parents are able to relax and enjoy this very special journey.

Whether you are considering becoming an intended parent, or intended surrogate, we hope that our website has answered some of the basic questions you may have regarding surrogacy. If your questions are not answered here please feel free to contact us via email at: or via telephone during regular business hours.
North American Surrogacy Center North American Surrogacy Center