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Frequently Asked Questions
North American Surrogacy Center
Why choose surrogacy?

Among the reasons for choosing surrogacy as a method of reproduction are the inherent difficulties associated with domestic adoption practices and procedures in today’s society. Changes in social attitudes and legislation have led to fewer women placing their children up for adoption. International adoptions have also become increasingly difficult with doors closing more readily resulting in longer waiting periods.

Surrogacy is an excellent option for:
  • Heterosexual couples who are unable to have children due to medical issues suffered by either partner and would like to have a child that is biologically related.
  • Single men, women and gay or lesbian couple who are ready and willing to take on the responsibility of parenthood.
Surrogacy may not always be the first choice in creating families, however, it is an option for many in starting a family and being able to experience the joy of pregnancy through the gift of your surrogate mother.

What is the purpose of counseling?

Our Surrogates and Egg donors, as well as their partners, are intensely counseled, screened and investigated. Surrogates and their partners are interviewed by our on staff psychologists who evaluate their mental and emotional state and determine if the surrogate is able to fulfill her role in the surrogacy journey

The emotions involved in surrogacy can be very strong on both sides. Surrogates should make sure they have appropriate support systems before choosing this route. Support and informational organizations exist for intended parents and surrogates alike. Studies have shown that surrogate mothers rarely have difficulty relinquishing rights to a surrogate child and most surrogacy arrangements end without incident. The problems that have occurred are few and far between but, unfortunately, have been highly sensationalized by the media. Counseling insures that the surrogates are mentally and emotionally prepared to undergo the surrogacy process and ultimately be able to relinquish the child to the intended parents. At North American Surrogacy Center our surrogates are provided with relinquishment counseling during pregnancy and postpartum counseling after the birth, thus minimizing the risk of issues.

What are the types of surrogacy & what should I expect to pay?

In Traditional Surrogacy/Artificial Insemination Program:

The surrogate mother is artificially inseminated, either by the intended father or an anonymous donor, and carries the baby to term. The child is genetically related to both the surrogate mother, who provides the egg, and the intended father or an anonymous donor. In some states the names of the intended father and intended mother are entered on the original birth certificate. Other states require the intended mother to participate in a stepparent adoption to enable her name to be entered on the birth certificate.

$55,000 +

In Gestational Surrogacy/In Vitro Fertilization Program:

The egg is removed from the intended mother, or Donor and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father or anonymous donor through in vitro-fertilization. The fertilized egg is then implanted in a surrogate mother who carries the baby to term. The child is thereby genetically related to the woman who donated the egg and the intended father or sperm donor. The names of the intended father and intended mother are entered on the original birth certificate.

$65,000 +

I have a friend who would like to donate her eggs for me. Can you work with her?

Yes, we will work with her providing that she meets our criteria for selection.

Where will the baby be delivered?

The baby will be delivered where the parties decide. Usually the delivery occurs in the surrogates home state, however, there are times when arrangements are made with the surrogate to travel for the birth to the intended parents home state. Each surrogacy arrangement is tailored for the needs of both parties.

We would like to use our local fertility clinic for the medical treatments, is this possible?

Yes. North American Surrogacy Center has several clinics that we consult with at this time, however if our clients would like to recommend a particular facility our staff will gladly work with them as long as all reproductive technologies are performed in a safe and ethical manner.
North American Surrogacy Center North American Surrogacy Center